Regardless what type of business your organization is based on; using one platform simplify operations, speedy response to needs, increase overall performance, save money, and position your organization in competitive advantages.


ERP Manufacturing  helps you schedule, plan and process manufacturing orders. With the work center control panel, put tablets on the shop floor to control all your work orders in real-time and allow workers to trigger maintenance operations, feedback loops, quality issues, etc.

Works with other departments applications such as HR (Employees), Sales, Procurement, Warehouse (Inventories for R/Materials & Finished Goods), and Accounting.

Hospitality & Services

Hospitality and other Service oriented business are the most progressive and imminent that affect profitable growth in the market. 

Features like POS, help desk, billing, invoices, sales orders, customer feedback, inventory, and stock management, providing all solutions under a single roof.

sales & Distributions

ERP for distribution companies is an all-in-one solution that manufacturers and wholesalers use to improve control over inventory management, nurture relationships with vendors and customers, ensure seamless logistics, and many more.

Features like Sales, CRM, Order Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing, HR, Accounting can communicate each other to give real time information.